What is Sesiones Ch.ACO?

An inspiring program in which we will travel the country together with different scientists and artists, sharing knowledge and understanding their searches.


It is carried out in conjunction with different universities throughout the country and is broadcast through Channel 13C. It is a program that humanizes knowledge and brings it closer to a wide audience.


The first three chapters are hosted by Emilia Noguera and Simón Pesutic, they are carried out in collaboration with Universidad Austral de Chile and Universidad de las Américas and are transmitted from the National Library of Chile in connection with professionals who are located in the Los Ríos and Metropolitan Region.


The program has the support of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, and the 3xi.

Join this project

We would love to continue to grow and broaden the spectrum of this new program. If you belong to an institution, company or just want to know more, we invite you to write to administracion@feriachaco.cl

Previous Editions

"Waters in transformation"

It is carried out together with Universidad Austral de Chile and hosted by Emilia Noguera. Water is the most precious asset in the context of climate change and the South Austral is a territory that is in constant negotiation with it. The sensitive look of its transformation and its implications brings together various disciplines. Transient wetlands, rivers of variable edges, lost and dissolved islands are the center of the work of artists and researchers.

"The art of storytelling"

It is carried out together with the Universidad de las Américas and host by Emilia Noguera. Telling stories is something typical of the human being. This chapter deals with the process of creating the Oscar-winning Chilean short film Historia de un Oso, which was made by Punkrobot in conjunction with Universidad de las Américas. But telling stories is part of every creative process, from science to art.

"Inhabiting the landscape"

It is held together with the Austral University of Chile and under the leadership of Simón Pesutic. Inhabiting a landscape that is saturated with life is an exercise in balance. Trees that nourish and communicate with soils produce woods that build structures in various ways. Fauna that climbs surfaces that host ecosystems, seeds and materials gathered in a synchronous multi-layered landscape.