Sections and programs Fair Ch.ACO - 12

Main Section 

The Editorial and Convening Committee is made up of: Livia Benavides (Andean Association, Peru), Rafael Beltrán (Meridiano, Argentina), María José Sagredo (AGAC, Chile) and Laura Bardier (Feria Este Arte, Uruguay).  


The digital fair will be an interactive platform with direct communication channels between buyers and gallery owners. It will be active for a month and can be accessed from anywhere in the world and at any time

On the other hand, the Main Section will have different face-to-face activities: 

Circuit of open galleries: 

The main program is the open galleries and art projects in Santiago. Ch.ACO will organize and make visible a circuit of spaces with new exhibitions, visits and a VIP program

Main Show at MAC: The curator Inés Ortega Márquez will carry out a face-to-face show at the MAC, of the works presented by the galleries of the section.  

1+1 program:  International collaboration. Chilean galleries host works by international partner galleries in their space.

"Transparent" Plant Section

Curated section of contemporary art projects from Chile, Latin America and the Caribbean.  This edition, by Matías Allende Contador, is focused on very diverse projects from north to south of Chile and Argentina. 

It is titled Transparent because it no longer pretends to be something, but rather to respond to the environment where works are made and circulated, especially those of mass circulation and simple invoice, providing a structure for critical reflection for those who continue to produce artistic works in the current context.

It will have a face-to-face exhibition at GAM, accompanied by activities such as performances and guided tours. 

In addition, each project in the Plant Section will be present in a pavilion on the fair's digital platform.

Conversations "Live Ch.ACO Sessions"

Conversation program curated by Isabel García Pérez de Arce that seeks to offer a space for discussion to increase access and dissemination of art. The guests are artists who are activating spaces and communities, worthy of being highlighted and valued.

They will be held in person at the museum and will be recorded for their premiere and broadcast on the fair's digital platform. 

Exhibition "Photography and Politics: Some Chilean publications"

Curated by the Sudfotografica Foundation: 

Andrea Jösch, Luis Weinstein, Jorge Groneyemer and Mauricio Toro Goya. 
Photography, since its invention, is a medium with great capacities to transmit cultural messages. When historically the productive capacities allowed it, the massive publications with political objectives made intensive and strategic use of it. In Chile we have a large and diverse collection of publications with photographs that have contributed to shaping our society. Based on the catalog of the National Library and private collections, this exhibition highlights an interesting selection of this important Chilean cultural production, opening a way of approaching  and understand our history.

In parallel, it will have a pavilion on the fair's digital platform.

Video art exhibition "Transhumantes"

Itinerant video-art exhibition in a multiplatform format that consists of the invitation of the artist N3to (Ricardo Lagos Miranda), in charge of the exhibition,  a dozen young American artists to present works that challenge the political, symbolic and media imaginary in which we live. 

The exhibition will be presented in a Ch.ACO truck that will visit squares, parks and cultural institutions of various districts of the Metropolitan Region.

In parallel, the record of this itinerant experience will be broadcast on the fair's digital platform.