Main Section

MAIN is the main section of the fair that exhibits national and international art galleries, established and recognized for their trajectory, along with emerging companies that present avant-garde proposals. All of them, chosen by a Selection Committee, with the aim of providing a broad overview of current trends and thus, making the contemporary art scene in Chile, Latin America and the rest of the world known to the public.


Plant Section

PLANTA is the experimental and Latin American art section of Ch.ACO. Since its inception in 2016, it has been run by a guest curator and it shows independent and emerging contemporary art initiatives that make regional art visible, weaving bridges between different parts of Latin America, from a localized, critical and anti-colonial perspective. of contemporary art production.



Convinced that art and culture play a fundamental role in social transformations, Ch.ACO feels more committed than ever to developing projects that provide questions and answers, in spaces for dialogue around contingent themes.


Each year, the Talks program has a different curatorial approach and brings together relevant national and international guests - curators, artists, historians, managers of cultural institutions, art agents and specialists in various fields - in a space for learning and discussion. constructive-creative, open to the public attending the fair.

Editorial space

The editorial space seeks to make visible and legitimize the role that publishers play in the art scene, bringing together national and international publications specialized in contemporary art.