About Us​

Ch.ACO (Chile Arte Contemporáneo) is the international platform for the dissemination and promotion of the contemporary arts of Chile. Its reason for being is to discover, disseminate and connect the different agents of art - current and future - to strengthen the market and contribute to consolidating an ecosystem of arts and culture.


Ch.ACO's mission is consolidated with the actions of design, generation and execution of projects that summon and involve different actors from the private and public world. These projects are constituted in the programming of activities - throughout the year - such as exhibitions, concerts, talks, educational programs and artistic residencies throughout the country.

Along with this and for more than 10 years, it has produced the first international fair of Contemporary Art, which brings together local and foreign galleries, also allowing the participation of quality emerging galleries and artists.


Convinced of the value of interdisciplinarity in contemporary artistic production, Ch.ACO seeks to build a dynamic platform that generates synergy from the associativity of the visual arts with different artistic manifestations that make up the national cultural identity -such as design, music and literature- putting them in dialogue with other disciplines such as science, technology, social innovation, gastronomy, among others.

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