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Previous Editions


The declaration of a COVID-19 pandemic by the WHO and the protection measures implemented by Chile support this responsibly made decision.


The upward evolution of Coronavirus cases in the world, as well as the preventive measures implemented by the Chilean Ministry of Health that force travelers who arrive in the country to be quarantined and prohibit mass meetings, make the Fair unfeasible. International Contemporary Art Ch.ACO.


All this, after the pertinent consultations with authorities and exhibitors, and an diligent deliberation of the Advisory Council and the Production team, has led us to make the decision to suspend the Ch.ACO Fair, until it can be held normally and safely for all. our exhibitors, artists, professionals, guests and the general public, both national and international.


The new Ch.ACO realization date will be re-arranged in coordination with our national and international agents.

Main section

The main section of the fair, which hosts art galleries from Chile and other countries, provides a wide overview of the current trends, providing the opportunity of having an idea of the status of contemporary art in Chile, Latin America and the rest of the world.

This year, the curator in charge of narrating the mise-en-scene was Inés Ortega-Marquéz

Planta section

Planta is the section where a representative clipping of the different Latin American and emerging production is presented, with new ways of understanding the projects and a commitment to question the audience about the problems in the continent.

In this edition, Matías Allende Contador curated Planta, for him “this section projected the feeling that Chile and Latin America are living”. This year the production had the pleasure of having artists from all over the country. 

National Library 

Through the development of the Ch.ACO12SinLimites edition, “Photography or Politics, a few Chilean publications” as presented, an exhibition in charge of SudFotográfica foundation and represented by Jorge Gronermeyer, Andrea Jösh, Mauricio Toro Goya, and Luis Weinstein. An exhibition that preserves and exhibits about the political and historical context of the country since the return to democracy. 


The fair had a section of itinerant works that visited several communes of the Metropolitan region in a truck, taking the art of 12 young artists from Latin America to La Pintana, La Granja, Quinta Normal, and Santiago. Contributing to the democratization of art. The national artist N3t0 headed the artworks. 


Due to the sanitary alert around the world, and the mission of taking art to every corner of the country and the world that Ch.ACO has, during the development of the fair, for the first time in Latin America a digital platform of the fair was developed. A digital ecosystem where artists, galleries, buyers, and visitors could build a community and discuss important topics of the world of art. 

On the platform, visitors could watch the 32 stands and discover with great detail the artworks from the artists and the galleries, which at the same time were physically present in the other venues where the FeriaCh.ACO12SinLimites was held. 



The 12th version of Ch.ACO SinLimites has more than 32 exhibitors from around the world, presenting more than 100 artworks in total.


Ch.ACO 12

We want to share with you the catalog of Ch.ACO-12 #SinLimites, you can check it directly in the digital book version or download the PDF version.


Through this catalog you could get to know more in detail part of the experience of this version of the fair, which had a digital version this year. 


Also, you will have access to some of the surprises that we will have for this Ch.ACO edition, and learn about the new platforms that joined Ch.ACO 12.