Statement of the Work:

These images are the result, through the use of a moist make-up remover towel, of the transfer of the strokes, colors and layers of make-up that give life to her transvestite face, allowing her to preserve that singular moment in which she is exposed to the surprised gaze of the public. Like Veronica's account, which captures the face of Jesus on the shroud

Artist statement:

Andrés Parra Herrera, Bucaramanga, Colombia, 1995, is a visual artist and performer graduated from Diego Portales University (2017) in Santiago, Chile. Her work is characterized by problematizing the themes of the body, gender, public space and identity, through a personal exploration that results in the creation of a character, Nia de Indias, a Drag Queen alter ego in constant transformation that It is, at the same time, an act of self-defense and rebellion against the doctrine of the natural order, the one that feeds discrimination, binary thinking (white/black, male/female), the possibility of thinking and thinking differently.