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Convinced that art and culture play a fundamental role in social transformations, Ch.ACO feels more committed than ever to developing projects that provide questions and answers, in spaces for dialogue around contingent themes.

Every year, the Conversatorios program has a different curatorial approach and brings together relevant national and international guests - curators, artists, historians, managers of cultural institutions, art agents and specialists in various fields - in a space for learning and discussion constructive-creative, open to the public attending the fair.

The declaration of a COVID-19 pandemic by the WHO and the protection measures implemented by Chile support this responsibly made decision.


The upward evolution of Coronavirus cases in the world, as well as the preventive measures implemented by the Chilean Ministry of Health that force travelers who arrive in the country to be quarantined and prohibit mass meetings, make the Fair unfeasible. International Contemporary Art Ch.ACO.


All this, after the pertinent consultations with authorities and exhibitors, and an diligent deliberation of the Advisory Council and the Production team, has led us to make the decision to suspend the Ch.ACO Fair, until it can be held normally and safely for all. our exhibitors, artists, professionals, guests and the general public, both national and international.


The new Ch.ACO realization date will be re-arranged in coordination with our national and international agents.

Main Section

Is the fair's main section, which welcomes art galleries from Chile and several other countries, providing a broad overview of the current trends, allowing this way to get an idea of the state of contemporary art in Chile, Latin America and the rest of the world.

This year, the national and international galleries selection committee will be made up by Eduardo Brandao (Brazil), Juan Carlos Bendana Pinel (France) and Giancarlo Scaglia (Peru).

Planta Section

Planta is the section where a representative sample of the diverse Latin American budding production, with new ways of understanding projects, and a commitment for addressing and questioning the spectator on the problems and difficulties that affect the continent. This edition will be curated by Matías Allende Contador.



Version 11 of Ch.ACO has more than 40 exhibitors from 16 countries, presenting in total more than 500 works.


Ch.ACO 11

We want to share with you the catalog of Ch.ACO-11, you can check it directly in the digital book version or download the PDF version.


Through this catalog you will be able to learn more in detail part of the Ch.ACO -11 experience that is yet to come. In this book, you will find the story of the eleventh version of this international fair of contemporary art as well as the exhibitors that will be part of this project, both from the MAIN, PLANTA sections, as well as the participating publishers, along with some of the artworks that will be brought to the Bicentenario Park of Vitacura.


Also, you will have access to some of the surprises that we will have for this Ch.ACO edition and learn about the new participants that joined Ch.ACO -11.