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​2018 - Ch.ACO is transformed

Being part of the world circuit of art fairs for 10 years, Ch.ACO has managed to strengthen and raise awareness of local contemporary art on the international map. The fair allows galleries, curators, artists, and national professionals to connect with their peers from other parts of the world, thus developing a market that allows every agent to find their place.


This edition will be located in an under construction building in the commune of Vitacura and has the largest number of registered galleries in its history, 16 national and 25 international.


The Focus section, in charge of the curator Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, whose main theme this year is the development of the dialogue and context, and has 12 galleries.


The Planta section, under the curatorship of Carolina Castro and Matías Allende, had 10 galleries in Chile, and other countries like Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, and Mexico with the idea of showing that is possible to create a management model in dialogue with the methodologies of each space throughout Latin America.


This year, the talk is organized by the FAVA foundation and its main focus is to be a platform for raising awareness and interaction for the main artists of this edition. This time, Andrés Marroquin, Cecilia Vicuña, Cher Knight, Christian Viveros-Faune, Claudia Hakim, Cristian Salinas, Enrique Ramírez, Gilbert Vicario,

Isabel García Pérez de Arce, Janet Toro, Pablo León de la Barra, Sebastián Calfuqueo, Voluspa Jarpa, and others are invited.


Click here to download the catalog of the Ch.ACO 2018 fair.