Previous Editions

​2017 - Ch.ACO flows, converges

This year the fair will be located in the CV Gallery building and manages to gather 20,000 people and present 15 national and 21 international galleries.

A milestone of this edition is the creation of the “Ch.ACO en la calle” program, with the intention of filling everyone with art and culture, so along with the different commercial and tourist agents of the commune of Vitacura, artistic interventions in display windows and public spaces are organized.

In this version, FAVA organizes the “FAVA VA! A proposal for inclusive education” discussion panel with María Isabel Castrillo, Mariana Bórquez Esmeralda Rodríguez, and Sofía Vergara.

The Planta section, under the curatorship of the Chilean historian and curator Carolina Castro, presents 9 Latin American creation and management projects focused on adaptability and collaboration.

In charge of the curator and art historian Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, the Focus section seeks to be a space for dialogue between artists from different countries that elaborate proposals based on a common subject. 9 galleries participate in this space.

Nave Ediciones, whose objective is to raise awareness and legitimize the role that publishers have in the art scene, brings together 14 national and international publications specialized in contemporary art selected by Camila Opazo.

This year Ernesto Ottone, Alejandro Buvinic, José Luis Lorenzo, Pili Estrada, José Dario Gutierrez, Juan Pablo Langlois, Gonzalo Pedraza, and others are invited to the talks.



Click here to download the catalog of the Ch.ACO 2017 fair.