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2015 - Ch.ACO for everybody

Ch.ACO inserts itself solidly into the visual arts scene, with its undeniable international profile and being an essential link in the national art chain as a dynamic platform that generates dialogues and discussions among the local public, artists and international guests.

In this edition, which takes place at Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho, 17 national and 13 international galleries participate, and an attendance of more than 50,000 people is achieved.

Also present at the fair are collections Finlandia, TransparentArte and FAVA, all three fostered by Ch.ACO through public calls, in association with different companies and institutions.

The Pop_Up Spaces program is curated by Chilean Carolina Castro, and this year presents 9 spaces that seek to highlight the commercial management and business model of each one of them, facilitating its insertion in the national and international contemporary art market.

This year, the discussion panel program is developed by the FAVA Foundation, being its main topic the artist as main actor in conferences. This year's title is: “It is the artist who sets the truth in the world" a phrase by Thomas Mann, and as guests are: Sebastián Preece, Pablo León de la Barra, Alberto Mayol, Voluspa Jarpa, Camilo Yáñez, Damián Ortega, Catherine Millet y Ernesto Ottone, among others.



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