Previous Editions

2009 - Not understanding is a good start


In 2007, the idea of having a fair of contemporary art in Chile emerged. A little group of people linked to this world, with experience in international fairs and the conviction that these events are an element that make this market dynamic, and join their forces to make it happen.

These convictions are transmitted to an endless number of cultural managers and people involved in the commercialization of contemporary art in Chile, which makes it possible to conduct the first Fair of Contemporary Art in Chile, Ch.ACO, in the Planeadores de Vitacura Club in 2009.

19 national and 7 international galleries participate in this first edition, with artworks by more than 200 artists of diverse nationalities. Managing to gather 25,000 attendees, sponsored by the Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes, the DIRAC and the Municipality of Vitacura.

Also, this edition coincides with the Chile Triennial and the beginning of the Bicentenario celebrations. Here is when the talks organized by Irene Abujatum begin. These talks were about “Artificial Intelligence”, in which Justo Werlang, Juan Carlos Verme, Gloria Velandia, Rodrigo Alonso, Denise Ratinoff, and Hans Michael Herzog, among others renowned protagonists of the world of culture and art participated.


Click here to download the catalog of the Ch.ACO 2009 fair.